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Technology Refresh

Our typical client

Our typical new client  is a business that is dependent upon IT but who are dissatisfied with the quality of IT support that they are receiving from their current IT service provider or are concerned about the quality of IT advice that they are being given.

Site Survey

We resolve these issues by performing a thorough IT estate Site Survey that covers defining the IT requirements and recording the current state of the IT infrastructure, systems, applications and operations.

Special attention is placed on defining the non functional requirements such as security, availability, operational resilience, performance, accessibility such as remote access, and business continuity as well as the defining functional requirements
From the Site Survey we produce a Gap Analysis showing areas that need improvement or change.

The Gap Analysis is used to create a design for an improved IT estate to deliver ALL the IT requirement and a Project Plan to implement the design.

Technology Refresh Project

This service includes full project planning and project management of the technology refresh to minimise the risk and disruption to our client’s business.

Once the new IT environment is in place we provide a fixed price support service.

Surrey Systems can arrange finance for the technology refresh to cover the cost of items such as desktop PC’s, office servers and network devices